Pepito & Co. is a family business based in Madrid and formed by humans and dogs. We were born in early 2012 thanks to the adoption of Pepe, a chilly dachshund.


Gradually, with the help of the canine team, we have been growing and expanding our catalog to become a specialized pet brand in design and eco products.

In August 2015 we created FIERA, our multibrand selection of design, natural and positive training products.




In the manufacture of our products, we design our own fabrics, printed on 100% organic cotton using environmentally friendly processes, as well as organic and/or recycled eco-certified fabrics, taking care of both the health of our four legged colleagues and the environment. 


Our products are made in Spain, avoiding unnecessary transports and supporting local businesses as far as possible.





We believe in animal rights and we don't use any material with animal origin.


We absolutely encourage adoption against pet commerce, so we collaborate with associations in defense of animals rights through various actions. If your four-legged friend is also adopted don't forget to visit our MY RESCUED RULES section, you can enjoy discounts for a whole year on all products from our online store.